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Jazz Saxophonist Jessy J Reaches for the Moon with Release of Tequila Moon

By Michael Downer

Upland, CA --- What do you get when you add pop music with Latin jazz rhythms and a classical edge? The answer is Jessy J, the ambassador of the newly dubbed Latin-Pop Jazz Fusion genre.

But how did her style she labels as Latin-Pop Jazz Fusion develop? Classically trained as a pianist, versed in Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and the like at four years of age, it wasn't until the multi-talented Portland, Oregon born and Hemet, California raised prodigy was nine years old that she began her love affair with the jazz world, when she began playing jazz saxophone in her school's honor band. She was accepted on scholarship to University of Southern California and graduated as the “Most Outstanding Jazz Student” of her class.

Since then, her professional career has included touring the nation in various capacities with the World’s most popular artists including Jessica Simpson, Michael Buble, Burt Bacharach, The Temptations and is currently on tour with Michael Bolton playing sax and singing backup vocals. She has also served as member of the Henry Mancini Jazz Orchestra and the Hispanic Musician Association (HMA) Jazz Orchestra. Continuing to draw her inspiration naturally from Mexican-American heritage, Jessy offers a taste of pop, jazz, Latin, and even Brazilian music on her debut CD Tequila Moon, produced by her mentor, who many refer to as the “Baby Face of Smooth Jazz”, Paul Brown.

“This CD is an expression of my love for music,” states Jessy. “I like to stay busy, and I love to perform it all. That is why I think this project gives you a taste of everything. Its my desire to create a musical journey for the listener to have a good time with friends. I would love for people to feel the amicable expressions in my music.”

With much of the CD composed by Jessy and co-written with Paul Brown, Tequila Moon opens with Jessy in full-on seduction mode, inviting the listener to enjoy a balmy, slightly breezy evening complete with her low toned tenor melody, laid back percussion, Brown´s gently jangling guitar and Gregg Karukas´ retro keyboard sounds. She keeps the smoky and soulful tenor vibe going over the cool grooves of the midtempo ballad "Spanish Nights," which features Brown´s hypnotic guitar harmonies and Richie Gajate Garcia´s enchanting Latin soundscapes. Next, Jessy takes us down to Rio, playing moodily over an old school samba groove amidst a dreamy, romantic atmosphere on "Sin Ti/Without You;" after Ricky Peterson´s high impact Fender Rhodes solo, the rhythms pick up and Jessy digs in for some of the collection´s most explosive improvisational blowing.

With her official release dropping less than a month ago (March 4, 2008) Jessy can be heard in heavy rotation on most jazz stations, and at the time of this interview, her first single and title track Tequila Moon was currently #7 on the R&R charts.

Locally fans of Jessy J. can celebrate the success of her first Cd on March 22, 2008 during her official CD release party at Spaghettinni's restaurant located at 3005 Old Ranch Parkway in Seal Beach, California.

“This is a celebration of all of the years leading up to this record deal,” says Jessy. “This release party is in honor of the people on this project who made it all happen.”

For more information and to find where you might be able to see Jessy J. perform, visit

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