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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family this holiday season. I am very grateful for my amazing family and all their love and support throughout the years!

Now it’s time for some fun fall shows~

I’ll be performing in Hampton, Kansas City, Dallas, and London!! Looking forward to visiting these cool cities and seeing you too.

Calendars are available for purchase!

Purchase your 2016 limited edition Calendar at:

It’s almost Christmas Time and that's my favorite part of the year! (My Birthday & yummy food, LOL!)




Fun Fall

Hola Amigos,

Como estan? It’s been a great end of Summer and transition into Fall, although in California the weather doesn’t change! It's been about 80 degrees everyday.

I’m looking forward to traveling to the East Coast to see some Fall colors. This week I have a show in Baltimore, Maryland.

Friday, October 16th, 2015


Rams Head

And next month I’ll be in Scottsdale, Arizona & Orlando, Florida, two of my favorite places!


We’re also excited to announce the NEW 2016 Calendars!

Check out my blog ~ End of Summer Highlights

Cancun Jazz Fest

Live at Lake Mission Viejo Jazz Fest

Hope you and your loved ones are Happy and Blessed,




Summer Tours

Hello everyone,

I hope you're having a gorgeous summer! I just finished the first part of my summer tour ;) highlights include San Antonio, Texas, Michigan & more! We have an exciting show at Yoshi's Oakland, California coming up next week, hope to see you there.

I feel really blessed that we've had wonderful reviews and press coverage for my new Album, "My One And Only One." If you still haven't purchased it, don't worry, it's not too late, you can order #MyOneAndOnlyOne at:

My Website Store for an autographed copy




And lots of other retailers

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We have been posting the reviews to my press page too. Smooth Jazz Magazinewrote, "Jessy J's 'My One and Only One' is a fresh compilation of the best in music composition." Here are some other quotes:

And for the bilingual speakers there's been some fun television shows in Spanish!!

Nuestra Tele

In Other News

I have also been enjoying rigorous training for swim competitions. I think it's important for people to pursue sports because it challenges their comfort zone. I enjoy working towards a goal to become faster and stronger both mentally and physically. The same dedication can be used to benefit other practices in life, like music, relationships, and family.

I'm thankful for all of you and the journey that we've taken so far~ five CDs in seven years, I can't believe it!!

Hope you have a fabulous rest of the summer.



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My One and Only One ~ Today!!!

Hey, guys!

My new album comes out today!!! In honor of my new release I’ve decided to create a video series, “Behind the Scenes” explaining more in depth about the songs I recorded and why they are important to me. My travels to Africa and Cuba definitely influenced this album as well as my journies in life & love, Hope you enjoy it!

Behind the Scenes: Romance

“It’s a wonderful feeling when you meet someone that will be with you forever. I wanted to capture the essence of that in an original love song.” In this episode I talk about the Romantic songs on this album, including the title #MyOneAndOnlyOne

Behind the Scenes: Cuba

“My trip to Cuba last December influenced 3 songs on this album “Cuba, Paraiso Magico, and Siempre”. In this episode I discuss how my trip to Havana, Cuba inspired three songs on this album.

Behind the Scenes: Covers

“Lovesong was made famous by The Cure in the 80’s and covered later by Adele. One of the reasons this lovesong stands out to me is because it has a melancholy melody, in a way it is a sad lovesong.” In this last episode I discuss why I recorded three covers on my album.

Order #‎MyOneAndOnlyOne now:



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You're a V.I.P.

I can't believe it's almost time for my new album to be released, My One and Only One on Shanachie Entertainment. I really enjoyed creating this album and want to share it with the world. For a limited time you are eligible to participate in this special opportunity that offers you a personal option to contribute to this project by selecting one of our V.I.P. Packages.

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