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Archives 2011

Archives 2011



Hi guys,

People always ask me what its like to be a touring musician and if I ever get tired...and the answer is YES!! Especially after a crazy tour schedule like the one last month- London, San Diego, Los Angeles, Germany, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles!

So the best way for me to recharge my batteries is to get plugged back into that "home feeling" like visiting with my sister in Oregon, and that's exactly what I did! After the busy-ness, I rested for a few days and had a wonderful visit with my sis, her twins and hubby. We got a chance to watch movies (The Help), Boardwalk Empire (HBO) catch a game of my niece and nephew (elementary football + cheerleading), visit their school, and of course go....SHOPPING!!!

Now I feel completely recharged re-focused and ready to go in for round 2 of Hot Sauce!

Cooking Contest!

We are excited to announce a very special cooking contest featuring Tapatio

Hot Sauce that includes fabulous prizes- like cooking classes, vacation gettaway packages,

and more! Stay tuned right here for the details....

People Espanol Article

People Espanol have a glowing review

of the new album and rated it 4 out of 4 STARS

in their latest issue.

My biggest honor to date!!

Some quotes include:

-"Gotta Buy It!"

-"Jessy J reflects glamour and feminine strength"

-"Fusing Jazz and Latin Rhythms"

-"It feeds your soul!"

-"Fills you with goodness!"

Click here to read the entire article!

Hope you are all Happy and Blessed,

With Love,



One Week to Go!

Lets do it!

OK, one week to go and were anticipating the best release yet!! Tequila Moon was fresh, True Love was romantic... and Hot Sauce is muy Caliente!!!

Help us reach our goal of a number one on Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts!!!!

Click here and buy your copy today!

What People Are Saying!

"Saxophonist Jessy J has been a bright light on the smooth jazz scene since releasing her debut album three years ago. Her latest effort, Hot Sauce, taps into her Latin influences on such tracks as 'Meant To Be.'"

-Voice of America

"By all means, add this caliente to your musical stew ASAP. She's proven herself mightily in the past but this outing ups her own game."

-Midwest Record

"With Hot Sauce, Jessy J exhibits new musical elements in her performance like Latin music and soulful jazz appealing with her sensual diversity beyond the genre."

-Smooth & Soul

Click here to watch the making of "Hot Sauce!"

What are people saying about Hot Sauce in Puerto Rico?

Read the article here!