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Archives 2011

Archives 2011



Hi guys,

People always ask me what its like to be a touring musician and if I ever get tired...and the answer is YES!! Especially after a crazy tour schedule like the one last month- London, San Diego, Los Angeles, Germany, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles!

So the best way for me to recharge my batteries is to get plugged back into that "home feeling" like visiting with my sister in Oregon, and that's exactly what I did! After the busy-ness, I rested for a few days and had a wonderful visit with my sis, her twins and hubby. We got a chance to watch movies (The Help), Boardwalk Empire (HBO) catch a game of my niece and nephew (elementary football + cheerleading), visit their school, and of course go....SHOPPING!!!

Now I feel completely recharged re-focused and ready to go in for round 2 of Hot Sauce!

Cooking Contest!

We are excited to announce a very special cooking contest featuring Tapatio

Hot Sauce that includes fabulous prizes- like cooking classes, vacation gettaway packages,

and more! Stay tuned right here for the details....

People Espanol Article

People Espanol have a glowing review

of the new album and rated it 4 out of 4 STARS

in their latest issue.

My biggest honor to date!!

Some quotes include:

-"Gotta Buy It!"

-"Jessy J reflects glamour and feminine strength"

-"Fusing Jazz and Latin Rhythms"

-"It feeds your soul!"

-"Fills you with goodness!"

Click here to read the entire article!

Hope you are all Happy and Blessed,

With Love,



One Week to Go!

Lets do it!

OK, one week to go and were anticipating the best release yet!! Tequila Moon was fresh, True Love was romantic... and Hot Sauce is muy Caliente!!!

Help us reach our goal of a number one on Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts!!!!

Click here and buy your copy today!

What People Are Saying!

"Saxophonist Jessy J has been a bright light on the smooth jazz scene since releasing her debut album three years ago. Her latest effort, Hot Sauce, taps into her Latin influences on such tracks as 'Meant To Be.'"

-Voice of America

"By all means, add this caliente to your musical stew ASAP. She's proven herself mightily in the past but this outing ups her own game."

-Midwest Record

"With Hot Sauce, Jessy J exhibits new musical elements in her performance like Latin music and soulful jazz appealing with her sensual diversity beyond the genre."

-Smooth & Soul

Click here to watch the making of "Hot Sauce!"

What are people saying about Hot Sauce in Puerto Rico?

Read the article here!



En Espanol


Smoothie Summer!

Hey guys,

Its been a smoothie summer for me here in Southern California~

This awesome heat has been the inspiration for my blender and some yummy fruits like:

California Dreams Smoothie




Mango sorbet






Apple Sorbet

What a Concoction




Pineapple sorbet

Keep it HOT & Spicy like my upcoming CD “Hot Sauce”



We’ve completed the music for the CD and have the order of songs. Next up is selecting the art work for the cover, etc. I was so amazed with the wonderful talent of photographer Nicholas Zercher on this project~ can’t wait to share the pics with you soon!


  1. Happy to be hitting the Road with Mexican Super Star Cristian Castro this Summer!

  • So proud to be apart of this! In 2011 Bvlgari donated over 7 Million to Save the Children to help fund education programs including healing and education through the arts! Visit Bulgari here for more info:

In case you missed the Mariachi performance, click here to view it!

Un Beso Grande,

Jessy J


Reach Out

Hola Amigos,

I'm so excited to be performing with a Mariachi group for the very first time this week!

Mariachi Los Tigres is a talented group from Stephen F Austin Jr High School in San Antonio, TX that has performed all over the USA. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited their school last March and heard them play a special version of "Tequila Moon!"

It's going to be a unique and heart warming event don't miss it:

Jun 9 at 8pm - 9pm

Jun 10 at 9:45pm - 10:45pm


Guadalajara Grill

14610 Baldwin Prk Twne Ctr

Baldwin Park, CA 91706

(626) 337-8168

Map and Directions

This year has been an awesome year for me in the Season of giving back. I started teaching private lessons in middle school and continued all the way through my undergrad and after. When my touring career really took off I had to stop teaching because I was gone so often. Now with the help of Selmer and Disney I've been able to reconnect with music in the schools and give back to the next generation of music super stars!

Check out the slideshow from my recent Selmer Jazz clinics:

I'm also proud to serve on the Board of Directors for the Young Musicians Project in Los Angeles. This charitable organization helps bring music back into the schools that have been affected by major state budget cuts. This Friday we are celebrating our one year anniversary! Come celebrate with us at the South Pasadena Music Center. Map and directions.

Visit YMP on Facebook

Be blessed and be a blessing,

Lots of love,




Top things to do on a Holiday Weekend:Family Cookout, BBQ, Picnic w/JAZZ

  1. Movies with Friends and Family

  2. LIVE SHOW, entertainment (JAZZ)

  3. BEACH, vacation get away

  4. RELAX, do nothing w/JAZZ playing in the background

Whatever you end up doing this Memorial Day weekend, do it with some JAZZ!!

I’m happy to be playing in Tucson @

Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort

May 29th, 2011 - 7:00 PM - JESSY J

Tucson Jazz Society Tucson, AZ, 520.299.2020 -

Last week we had a great time at the KIFM GAS Lamp Jazz Fest:





Today I’m proud to be an American!

I’m happy to say that we live in a country of freedom, dreams and prosperity. Today I am proud to say that we inhabit the land of opportunity, jazz, and fulfilled dreams.

I’d like to share my deepest gratitude to all of the Men & Women that serve our country to ensure our liberty and justice for all!

On another patriotic note, I’ll be playing our National Anthem this Wednesday at Petco Park for the Padres Game in San Diego, CA vs the Pittsburgh Pirates. Game starts at 3:30pm! Click here to purchase tickets.

San Diego Gaslamp Festival

I’m really looking forward to making some music with one of my saxxy friends, Eric Darius in San Diego at the Smooth FM 98.1 Gaslamp Festival on May 21st. This is the first time Eric and I have ever performed together and it’s sure to be memorable! When I first got started in the Contemporary Jazz Scene, Eric was so kind and generous with his knowledge about the biz, so it means even more to be jamming with my friend and colleague!

Click here for more info!

Mother's Day

Hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day this weekend (don’t forget it's this Sunday!)

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards in Miami and got a chance to see my previous boss, Gloria Trevi, and some of my favorite Laitn Stars on the red carpet like Marc Anthony and more!

Check out the pics here!

Peace, love, and happiness,

Jessy J



>Howdy Cowboys and gals,

We're heading to Texas for some fun shows and awesome Mexican food!

This Saturday join us here:

Shops La Cantera

Then I'll be hanging out at some distinct schools to do some inspiring Master class/clinics for Selmer:

Disney Performance

The Disney Event was a blast!

Click to see pics here.

Upcoming Shows

In April I'm really looking forward to the JW Marriott Jazz Festas well as an Earth Day Performance in Los Angeles.

Hope you are havin' some serious fun in the SUN!

Happy Spring,



En Espanol


Features the #1 song of the Year "Tequila Moon"

Join the Fan Club Today!

Jan 11, 2011

Awareness in 2011

Hello friends,

The New Year always brings a time of reflection, as I reflect on the past and focus on the bright future…

In 2011, I pray to realize more than self. For when we are giving we are living. I pray to be a blessing to the people in and around my life.

This Year also marks a year of personal goals being met in International Touring. I have performed throughout the world with other artists but this year I have the opportunity to perform my music with my band around the Globe!!! I feel so happy and thankful to be performing in Dubai, Venice, Croatia, Japan, London and Germany this Year alone!

Article in "Gulf News"

In a recent interview for the “Gulf News” in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, I was asked why people should watch me perform in Dubai:

“I speak from heart with my voice & my sax of love for all people. We are one or should be one in unison. We should all be accepted.”

My sincere prayers go out to the ones lost in the senseless shooting in Arizona. I pray for peace for all people and an awareness that transcends race, gender, political beliefs, and Nationality. I desire for us to serve each other with Love & Justice.



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