Archives 2012

Archives 2012


The Leaves

In the mornings I enjoy walking my pouch, Ms. Mini, around the block. The other day I couldn’t help noticing the leaves on the ground. They looked so beautiful... orange, yellow, and amber. If the leaves didn’t fall to the ground, there wouldn’t be room for the new leaves in the Spring time! And it reminded me that God makes all things new.

Aerosmith Recording

Last May I was happily surprised by a call from Aerosmith to join them at the studio. I was honored to play Tenor Saxophone on this cut from their new album “Music From Another Dimension,” “Oh Yeah.” The coolest part was hanging out in the studio with them... Joe & Steven rode their motorbikes to the studio!! #unforgettable

Japan Tour

We are in Japan this week playing shows at the Cotton Club in Tokyo with my band! You can follow along on all the fun on my Facebook Page


Its time for the new 2013 Limited Edition Jazz Calendars~

They are available exclusively on my website store page.

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Bday Contest

We are thrilled to be having another fun B-day Party with you!!

@Spaghetinni Grill and Jazz Club.

You can enter to WIN dinner, Hotel accommodations, meet & greet and show tickets!! (Valued at over $400)

Click here to sign up!

Hope you have a wonderful December!




Happy Harvest


Happy Harvest Everyone! This time of year is always so pretty, the changing of the leaves, the weather cooling down and the night becoming darker sooner... Brings back so many memories of Hot Cocoas, fireplaces, chocolate chip cookies and fun times with family and friends.

I had an amazing time with my family this past month! We went shopping (of course) to the movies, ate popcorn, danced, and just plain hungout!

Sowing Seeds

Looking back, throughout the years, I can see a direct correlation between sowing seeds and a time of harvest. Without the uncomfortable “growing pains” of life, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sweetest of joys. I would like to thank God for the season of sowing seeds, because as you know, at times we don’t feel like doing anything! But the seeds that we sow are always at work, growing and maturing, all we have to do is keep an eye on them and tend to them when they need some love.

Today I am thankful for the seeds that have been sown over the course of my life... from piano lessons as a young girl all the way through music collage and beyond~ I am thankful for the gift of music. It is soothing to my soul and refreshing to my ears. It helps me live everyday~ with purpose and meaning. I love music!

Upcoming Shows!

We are going to JAPAN!!!!

Then to LONDON... and in between doing a B-day/Holiday show at Spaggs!!

See you there!




New Perspective

Hi gang,

Its time for a new perspective~ sometimes when we look too closely at things, we can have a distorted view of our true identity.

That's why as an artist I find it so important to have moments of rest and relaxation. Recently I was so happy to visit friends in Miami for some much needed recoup time. We went to the beach, shopped, went out to eat and had so much fun!

While I was visiting and reflecting one thing came to mind: we have the option of changing how we see things. One day we went to the beach and the sun was covered temporarily by the clouds and I could have just packed up my things and called it a day, but I knew that it would only last for a moment. Ultimately the day would have lots of sunshine~ and thats exactly what happened. After a short rain, and a few clouds, it was sunny the rest of the day!

Sometimes things dont always go the way we planned, but I'd like to encourage those of you that have had some clouds, just remember the sunshine is hiding behind the clouds :)

Coming up we have a Spooky Halloween Contest & the Arizona Jazz Fest!

Hope to see you all soon xxo

With sincere love and graditude,



Olympic Confidence

I have been so inspired and fascinated by watching the 2012 Olympic Games this Summer! The athletes are incredible and I’ve noticed that they all have a few things in common: talent, patience, endurance, faith, and confidence. And I can’t help but draw a direct parallel between athletes and professional musicians... so much of what we do is similar. We dedicate most of our time and energy to achieving our personal best.

I’ve also noticed that the commentators have been speaking about how “confidence” can make or break a race. Sometimes, the things that appear to be the easiest to attain are actually the most difficult. One would think that since these athletes are the best in the world, that confidence would come naturally. The truth is, without their families, friends, and fans they wouldn’t be able to do what they do! And the same is true for us musicians... without your support, we wouldn’t be able to chase our dreams and make them come true!

Thank you all for your support that leads to confidence and success!

Continued blessings,


Continuous Play!

If you were an iPod, what would you be like? Would you be on shuffle, a slow song, up-beat pop tune, repeat or continuous play? Sometimes I feel like I'm in the continuous play cycle... this summer has been a busy, busy summer of the most awesome opportunities to perform with "Sax and the City" all across the US. Not only are they fabulously talented musicians, but they are also incredible people.

Upcoming Concerts

In addition to the "Sax and the City" shows, we've been blessed with several shows with my band that have been a great growing experience. Last week we played in Wichita, Kansas for the first time! And we also got to debut brand-new music. I look forward to all the events coming up & sharing them together with you :) This week we have a concert at the UCLA Farmers Classic Tennis Tournament and also an East Coast tour to Syracuse, New York and Milford, Connecticut.

Hope to see you guys real soon... peace!




Summer is here, you know what that means…backyard BBQ’s, pool parties and summer jazz festivals!

To get in shape for summer I’ve been hiking with my pup Mini as well as hitting the pool and doin some yoga ;)

Upcoming Summer Jazz Concerts

Sax and the City